Faucet Installation Service

Ever find that water continues to dribble out after you shut off your faucet? This essential part of any plumbing system can wear down just like anything else, and if left alone it can cost you money you can’t afford to waste. Call A Plumber Ltd can take care of your faucet installs for you.

Installation or Replacement? We Can Do Both

Faucet installations are typically provided when you’re moving into a new home (brand spanking new) or you’re about to open a new restaurant. You definitely don’t want to deal with a plumbing problem the minute you move in and unpack, or when you get your first customer of the day. A proper faucet install can ensure that the experience of living in a new home or being in a new restaurant you’re unfamiliar with is a pleasant one, every time. Plumbing may not be the first thing that comes to your mind at first, but it definitely becomes the first thing if something goes wrong!
Our specialty lies in faucet installs in the bathroom and kitchen (where faucets are used the most frequently). However, laundry rooms and even outdoor gardens may require some extra plumbing for the sake of clean laundry and green, healthy plants. Basically, anywhere a sink is located, we can install the faucet.
How to Choose the Best Faucet
This part can be overwhelming to homeowners and restaurant owners; it doesn’t have to be! Call A Plumber Ltd can provide the best kinds of faucets on the market for you if you’d rather not have to shop yourself.

Most faucets are initially designed to perform the simple task of providing water without too much effort. However, the size and scope of the piping and sinks involved come into play when choosing the best faucet for the job. The amount of pressure coming into your plumbing and whether hot and cold or purely cold water is needed for your tasks are also taken into consideration.

So in terms of finding the best faucet, connecting the plumbing, and installing the new faucet itself, don’t worry about that part—Call A Plumber has got you covered!

How to Tell I need a Faucet Installed
Usually if you’re buying a new home or you’ve purchased a new restaurant, of course there’s going to be faucets for the sake of sanitization. If any of these faucets are getting old or aren’t providing water at the volume of pressure needed, or maybe you need a new system installed entirely, Call A Plumber will take care of everything needed.

What Makes Call A Plumber Special?

We do it all! From small jobs to intense sewer drain cleaning and video inspections to everything else in between, Call A Plumber Ltd will do the dirty work for you—literally! We know you’d rather not be exposed to all the mess that comes with a plumbing job and maybe you’re not familiar with the glorious world of piping at all. Or maybe you already had a faucet installed, but it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do.
  • Whatever the reason may be, you can’t go wrong with Call A Plumber.
  • Any faucet installation gone amiss or where the piping has burst is an emergency—Call A Plumber 24/7!
  • Contact us for future projects or emergencies at 250-581-7667.
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