Sewer Jetting Solutions

Sometimes the mess that you’re likely to find in sewer and drain lines can be too much to handle. Ever wonder if there’s a more effective solution than Drano or other harmful chemicals to clean up the mess? Never fear, Call A Plumber Ltd is here with our sewer jetting service.
What is Sewer Jetting
Sewer jetting is a special method of clearing out especially disgusting sewer and drain lines. It’s a method of cleaning and clearing the plumbing out without the use of harmful chemicals. In addition, it’s a powerful means of restoring water flow should an auger or snake be incapable of doing the job right.
How does it work?
High-pressure water is applied to these specialized jetting nozzles that our staff uses. We shoot this water into the sewer or drain line opening. What this does is dislodge and clear out all of the mess clinging to the insides of pipes:

  • Grease
  • Scale
  • Organic waste, such as food and hair
  • Tree roots
  • Soap and mineral buildup

Sewer jetting is a safe, environmentally friendly, and effective way to clean up these messes and clean them up well.

Why Choose Sewer Jetting
When it comes to removing stubborn clogs and preserving pipes while doing so, regular methods won’t do. That’s why Call A Plumber Ltd offers professional plumbing services where we know how to handle the dirty work.
Our technicians can bring the following to you by providing this service:

  • Removal of all kinds of blockages without harming the pipes
  • Eliminating scale buildup and mineral deposits
  • Preventing backups and clogs from forming in the pipes
  • Helping your plumbing systems last longer

When to Call A Plumber

If you’re not sure when sewer jetting can be of use, perhaps these reasons can help.
  1.   Buildup is forming in the pipes and it’s hurting the success rate of another plumbing job. Examples include treating corrosion, repairing leaks and cracks, etc.
  2.   Recurring or multiple clogs are happening, or you’ve got a backup in the plumbing.
  3.   Regular methods, such as using a snake, isn’t clearing the blockage out.
  • Anytime your sewer has a blockage it counts as an emergency—Call A Plumber 24/7!
  • Contact us for future projects or emergencies at 250-581-7667.
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