Drain, Sewer, & Perimeter Drain Cleaning Service

There’s nothing messier than a blocked drain! Whether it’s your bathroom sink drain, sewer, or perimeter drain, any blockage can be a catastrophe and your home or restaurant can receive extensive property damage—something we’re certain you don’t need or want.

Whichever kind of drain you need unclogged and cleaned up, Call A Plumber Ltd can do it all. We unblock, clean, and inspect drains, sewers, and perimeter drains of all kinds across mid Vancouver Island.

Causes of Clogs
You may be wondering what’s causing the clog to begin with. The number one cause is tree roots; these can grow around or even inside of drains and create all sorts of issues. Other culprits include broken pipes, toilet paper, food (especially in restaurants and kitchen sinks), hair (most frequently found in a home’s bathroom), and feminine hygiene products.
Where's the Perimeter Drain?

Perimeter drains are typically placed around your home’s foundation. These prevent your basement from cracking under pressure by directing water from rain and other moisture out into the sewers. Clog causes in perimeter drains can include tree roots (like we said, they’re a biggie), dirt, and outdoor debris such as silt and mud. Red flags you’ve got a perimeter drain to be cleaned are water stains and wet spots on the floor or walls.

Video Inspections & Locates
Sometimes you’ll see so much water leaking or a huge mess on your hands that you have no idea where it’s coming from. There are also many reasons a drain can be clogged up or a sewer system gets backed up. Call A Plumber takes the mess out of your hands for you via video inspections and thorough locates.

Video inspections are the best non-invasive way to identify the signs you’ve got a sewer line problem. If your hydro bills have spiked despite lowering your water usage, you’re experiencing frequent drain or sewer blockages, or even if you’re purchasing a new home or commercial property, these are all great reasons to request this service from us.

If your home or restaurant is situated near an old growth area, running a CCTV camera down your drain can reassure peace of mind. Video inspections can also help with detecting cracks and wear and tear in the piping, identifying the true culprits behind a blockage, and whether a backup in your sewer system is starting to form.

We Can Do It All.

Blockages are tricky and even messy—you could have a problem with your drain, sewer, or perimeter drain and not even realize until it’s too late! When you contact Call A Plumber Ltd, you get not only professionally handled drain cleaning service, but also expertly handled video inspections and locates that work both as a solution to your current drain problem and as a preventive course of action. We’ll always talk to you about repairs, preventive solutions, and the most cost-effective means of doing the dirty work for you.
  • Anytime there’s backflow is an emergency—you can Call A Plumber 24/7!
  • Contact us for future projects or emergencies at 250-581-7667.
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