Small Plumbing Jobs

Plumbing in and of itself isn’t really something we think or even know about until we really, really need to. At Call A Plumber Ltd, we’re all about taking care of the small plumbing jobs that may not cross your mind now, but you probably will in the future.

Take a look at our ever-expanding repertoire of small jobs that we can perform for your home or restaurant in Nanaimo, and mid-Vancouver Island.

Dishwasher Installs
Dishwashers make the task of washing dishes when you’re in a rush or you’ve got a busy day ahead of you easier…that is, if you have one. You can trust in our professional staff to get your new dishwasher installed if you’re about to buy a new home or you want to get your restaurant up and going. Inspecting the pipes and ensuring everything is in working condition also comes with the install job.
Garburator (garbage disposal) Installs

Another feature that comes with new homes, garburators can mulch food you can’t eat and prevent clogs in your kitchen sink from building up. Many homes and restaurants across Vancouver Island rely on these machines to keep things cleaner around the kitchen. Call A Plumber can get one of these installed into new homes and buildings as well as dishwashers.

Bidet Installs
Bidets are growing in popularity as toilets that rely on water rather than toilet paper to take care of your personal business. These toilets reduce the likelihood of toilet paper creating clogs in your plumbing (one of several causes of drainage problems, as we mentioned on our other service page). Call our plumbers at Call A Plumber to get this advanced toiletry tech installed into your home, whether old or new (if it’s older, we’ll inspect things to make sure nothing goes awry).
Beverage Faucet Installs
Beverages are a classic served item at any restaurant, whether it’s been around for years or it’s starting out. You may not have time to install the faucets needed to serve your drinks menu yourself, so why not let us do the small task for you? We’ll provide the faucets your establishment needs to fulfill each purpose, whether cleaning the glasses during happy hour or pouring the drinks in the lunch rush.
Coffee Stations
These are a must-have for any coffee shop looking to prosper in Nanaimo, throughout the Mid-Island, or in Tofino. Coffee stations should come included with sinks and other forms of plumbing to ensure the espresso machines and other tools needed to make the perfect cup of Joe are kept clean while on the go. Call A Plumber can not only get these installed, we can make sure everything’s properly working and maintained as well.
Faucet Replacements
Is water seeping from part of the faucet? Not only does that mean you’re losing valuable water, but also your hydro bill is going to spike up if you’re not careful. A faucet that dribbles or bursts completely is something no one should DIY fix themselves, so call our plumber at Call A Plumber to get this valuable plumbing component replaced for you.
Outside Hose Bib Installs and Replacements
Outside hose bibs are a common sight for any homeowner who owns a garden or a front lawn. These are attached to outdoor garden hoses for watering plants or even used with sprinklers for recreational or commercial purposes. Whether you need one installed or your hose bib is starting to leak, Call A Plumber can take care of that for you.
P-trap Inspection and Cleaning
You’re probably more familiar with this than you realize—P-traps are the curved pipes that curl in the drain below the sink. These are designed purposefully to prevent water odors and sewer gasses from making their way into your home. Like any plumbing though, these can be clogged up if you’re not careful and a DIY fix should not be attempted if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can always Call A Plumber instead!
Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Reverse osmosis is a form of water filtration to ensure you’re getting only the purest drinking water. Reverse osmosis will remove foreign contaminants, large molecules and minerals, and too-solid substances from water itself. It does this by using pressure to push the water through specialized membranes and specially made filters and tanks. Water that is drunk via reverse osmosis has been known to taste pure and improve the taste of water as well as your own overall health.

Not only can Call A Plumber install one of these systems into your home or restaurant, we can also perform regular maintenance such as filter changes and disposals, and routinely replace any of the parts that wear out, particularly the storage tank.

Water Filters and UV Treatment
While we’re still on the subject of pure drinking water, not every home or restaurant may be able to afford a reverse osmosis water system or have the capabilities needed for one. That’s why water filters make a great substitute. In the meantime, UV treatment comes along as a service that Call A Plumber can provide.

What is UV treatment and why is it needed for your home or restaurant though? Short for ultraviolet treatment, this process is used for the sake of keeping your health and everyone’s health at minimal risk. In raw water before it’s disinfected for drinking purposes, several viruses, bacteria, and even protozoa are potentially present. We need these harmful substances to be removed from the raw water, otherwise we’re put at greater risk of catching diseases we don’t want.

What UV treatment does is make these pathogens inactive and thus unlikely to cause anyone any harm. An ultraviolet range of light takes care of these as the water passes through the UV unit being used for treatment. Most pathogens become harmless as a result of this form of filtration treatment. The end result? Pure, clean drinking water without having added to or taken anything away from it in a cost-effective manner.

While UV treatment is not necessary, filtration for water is for the sake of everyone’s health!

Why Do Any of These Tasks?

Like we said, these tasks may be small, but we’re willing to bet that you probably didn’t think of them needing to be done until just now. Maintenance on top of all your other responsibilities may end up being shifted to the backburner a little too many times (after all, you’ve got a busy life as it is!). Then, out of nowhere, boom—you have none of the things you need to keep business going or you’ve got extra work on your plate you didn’t need.

You’ve already got enough to think about as a homeowner or a restaurant owner. Why not take the pressure out of your own plumbing and off of your shoulders by hiring a professional plumber?

  • Anytime you need a faucet replaced or a small job performed can be an emergency—you can Call A Plumber 24/7!
  • Contact us for future projects or emergencies at 250-581-7667.
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