Plumbing Protection Devices & Reports

If you’ve ever bought a new home or decided to open a restaurant, you know there’s a lot more to go over than just signing the papers for the mortgage or the lease. There’s the insurance part you need to iron out, and inspections are a big part of the entire home buying or commercial building purchasing process.

Call A Plumber Ltd offers thorough inspections of new plumbing and even more thorough reports to homes and restaurants across Nanaimo and several other mid-Island areas. We also offer what we refer to as plumbing protection devices, or water security systems.

What is a Plumbing Protection Device

This handy device is typically installed into new homes as an Artificial Intelligence monitoring system. They are designed to ensure your home is kept safe from water damage and other reasons to file a severe claim with your insurance company.

Leaks and water damage is no joke, and can lead to costing you money you can’t afford to lose. By installing this type of device, you’re getting ensured maintenance for your plumbing that will keep you and your family safe from water damage due to plumbing malfunctions or catastrophes, such as when you come home from a vacation or other flooding causes.

A plumbing protection device will perform the following:

  • Monitor your family’s water usage and the state of your piping
  • Detect potential threats to the plumbing, such as freezing and leaks or cracks
  • Allow remote access to plumbers, in the event you are not at home
  • Make your home eligible for rebates and discounts for your insurance company (please note: you will have to confirm this with your insurance company before purchasing one)
What does this device do?
From showers to pipes to toilets, a plumbing protection device detects your home for water leaks and other potential plumbing problems. That way, you’re avoiding alarmingly high water and hydro bills and expenses as well as avoiding catastrophic plumbing emergencies when you’re not at home.

The devices detect plumbing problems via sensors and algorithms and typically monitor these three things: temperature, pressure, and water flow. It performs these detections 24/7 so you don’t have to.

Where are these typically installed?
A water security system is best installed in an area where the room is vulnerable to burst pipes and other plumbing emergencies. Think laundry room, attic, basement, bathroom, and kitchen.

The installation will have to be on the main in-line for best results. That’s because it needs to monitor more than just the one room—these devices will monitor everything in your home where plumbing is concerned.

Does my new home/restaurant need a water security system?
It’s recommended for sure, especially if the new place you’re buying is being built and you want the best tech to keep you safe. If you’re already struggling to make ends meet financially and would rather avoid urgent situations such as a burst pipe in your home or a leak gone out of control, then this system will offer you that peace of mind. Call A Plumber Ltd can inspect your new home or building and assess your plumbing and provide reports that indicate which kind of device will best suit the place, provided it’s covered by your insurance carrier.

Why Call A Plumber?

We take everything to do with plumbing seriously, and we’re always professional and friendly about it to our customers! We want you to have a restaurant to be proud of or a home you can live in for years and years comfortably, without worrying every day about water damage or insecurity about your usage.

Start Saving Today

What all of this boils down to is a lot of savings in both water and money on your part. Call A Plumber Ltd is qualified and certified to install these effective and high-tech water security systems into your new home, so you can have peace of mind for your home, health, and wallet’s sake all around.
  • Anytime you need help with your water security system or there’s a problem counts as an emergency—Call A Plumber 24/7!
  • Contact us for future projects or emergencies at 250-581-7667.
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